Innovation and patenting in focus

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Have you ever wondered what inspires inventors to invent? Or thought about how many patented innovations you interact with daily? This section looks back at some groundbreaking inventions and the people and research institutes behind them, while also highlighting the technologies that are rapidly shaping the future.


Meet the inspiring women whose patented inventions make our world a better place and discover the European institutes that conduct world-class research.

EPO practice

How does the intellectual property system keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies? Learn more about disruptive innovation and the EPO's robust approach to patent applications in these areas.


Patented inventions play a major part in our personal and professional lives. Take a closer look at some of these patented innovations and their impact on business and society.

Public datasets

To help you explore the wealth of information in our public patent database - Espacenet - our examiners have prepared hundreds of datasets to make your search easier. Benefit from their expert knowledge to give your research a boost.

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