Who would you nominate as the greatest inventor?

Nominations for the European Inventor Award 2013 are now open and anyone can have their say as we attempt to seek out the finest inventors.

The European Inventor Award honours individuals who translate their technical genius into innovations which change our world for the better. To give you an idea, recent awards have gone to the inventors behind laser eye surgery, GPS and wireless internet. If you know of a groundbreaking invention which has been of outstanding benefit to society and the economy, please submit a nomination.

Individual inventors, small and large enterprises, universities and public research institutions can put themselves forward for the award or be nominated by someone else. The one common denominator for all inventors proposed is that they must have been granted a European patent for their invention. This European patent must still be in force, i.e. be for an invention which is no more than twenty years old, unless your nomination is for the Lifetime Achievement category.

Information on how to submit a nomination and entry forms are available on this website. The deadline for submissions is 18 October 2012.

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