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12 July 2019

The EPO collaborated with TEDxYouth@München for a joint workshop at the EPO headquarters

The EPO collaborated with TEDxYouth@München for a joint workshop at the EPO headquarters

The EPO yesterday partnered with TEDxYouth@München and engaged in dialogue with young opinion leaders. The Office was able to further the Munich TEDxYouth community's knowledge of patents, learn what they think about innovation and the role of Intellectual Property rights, as well as gain their views on broader societal issues in relation to technological progress.

EPO event Listen and Learn at TedxYouth@München The event, called Listen and Learn, comprised a series of discussions. In the small group round, the TEDxYouth community shared their views on topics including climate change, the speed of innovation and the expected role of the Office in supporting local inventors and entrepreneurs. 

The groups then reconvened for a fishbowl, a panel format that encourages audience participation. Nellie Simon, EPO Vice-President Corporate Services was joined by Yves Mattern, co-founder of Lignoa and sustainability focused inventor, and Philippe Lahorte, EPO Patent Examiner. The panel delved deeper into the findings from the previous session with a particular focus on sustainability and the role of Intellectual Property rights.

TedX05The Vice-President underlined the EPO's commitment stating that "we want to maintain and continue dialogue with the youth. We want to understand and learn what is of interest to young people, what they think about patents, what motivates them and how they see us. For this reason, we will explore the idea of an innovation award for young scientists and students. Young people are the inventors of tomorrow and they will find solutions to the global challenges of our times."

Following Listen and Learn, guests moved on to the Muffathalle for the TEDxYouth@München exhibition. The theme, "Who, if not us?" produced lively presentations with talks from climate activists, entrepreneurs and digital experts. The EPO highlighted inventors in its gallery which showcased a series of former European Inventor Award finalists.

TedX06The TEDxYouth@München partnership is just one example of the type of collaboration envisioned in the European Patent Office new Strategic Plan 2023. In the years that lie ahead, the EPO will look to increase dialogue with communities in the areas in which the Office has a footprint.

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