EPO and LESI strengthen their co-operation

16 November 2020

EPO President António Campinos and LESI President Audrey Yap signing the work plan today

Following the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding last year between the EPO and Licensing Executives Society International (LESI), EPO President António Campinos and LESI President Audrey Yap signed the first joint work plan for 2020-21 during a video conference on 16 November.

The plan focuses on IP training and resources for high-growth technology businesses and their stakeholders, including investors, research institutions and advisors. The main purpose is to raise awareness of IP and help innovators around the world make better use of the European patent system. It aims to foster innovation globally, making IP the underlying asset driving commercial success and growth.

The co-operation covers over 30 activities including conferences, trainings, seminars and joint publications. Core initiatives will be co-ordinated around future joint activities, following the success of last year's EPO-LESI high-growth technology business conference. The increased importance of digital events and resources has been given due prominence in the work plan.

During the meeting, President Campinos emphasised the importance of  strengthening  co-operation with LESI in helping businesses overcome the current economic crisis by investing in R&D and making the best possible use of patented inventions and the IP system as a whole. Special attention was given to the role of IP in path-breaking innovation and high growth among small and medium-sized enterprises.

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