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 21 July 2021

Visual with words

Today the EPO launches a new free statistics and trends centre to make our annual Patent Index interactive and fully explorable, allowing users to discover trends and connections for themselves with greater flexibility than ever before.

With its simple interface users can select data on countries and/or up to 35 technology fields and then choose from four different chart types for graphical display. It has never been easier to visualise e.g. a ten-year trend in patenting behaviour, or a distribution between countries for a particular year. Results can be instantly shared or downloaded. For more direct inspection of the performance of particular countries, dashboards have been prepared for all 38 EPO member states, as well as for those major territories from which more than 1000 European patent applications are filed annually. These dashboards display each country’s ten-year trends in applications and grants; the technology distributions in the most recent year and, where suitable, the top 10 applicants from that country.

This service has been developed in so-called responsive web design to be accessible on a smartphone or tablet just as easily as on a laptop or pc and gives you a flavour of the future design of the EPO website.

This service, like the EPO Data Hub mobile app released for Android and iOS last month, is based upon the same ten-year statistics gathered for and published in our annual Patent Index every March. The EPO continues to make the data available as downloadable Excel sheets in addition to these new visualisation tools. These are “entry-level” services for non-experts and complement the more advanced statistical features built-in to Espacenet (“advanced search” functions). For professional users of patent information, especially those developing patent landscapes, the EPO continues to provide PATSTAT and IPscore.

We welcome your feedback on both the functionality of the new services and the new design of the statistics & trends centre via e-mail at

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