A new comprehensive learning resource from the European Patent Academy

31 October 2022 

Today sees the publication of the "Learning path for patent examiners from National Offices", a unique training resource brought to you by the European Patent Academy. It comprises a newly created series of 48 booklets for self-learners and participants in the Academy's training activities.

Drafted by a team of experienced patent examiners at the EPO, the "Learning path for patent examiners from National Offices" has three levels. It answers the questions of beginners at entry level, of examiners with a certain amount of working experience at intermediate level, and guides advanced-level patent examiners towards answering more specific questions with a higher degree of complexity.

The series covers the general topics of novelty, inventive step, clarity, unity of invention, sufficiency of disclosure, amendments and search. It also looks into the details of patenting issues specific to certain technical fields, such as biotechnology, chemical inventions or computer-implemented inventions.

Explanations and examples are based on the European Patent Convention, the Guidelines for Examination in the EPO and selected decisions of the EPO's boards of appeal. References are made to the Patent Cooperation Treaty and its Regulations whenever appropriate.

This publication is for training and information purposes only. Although it has been prepared with great care, we cannot guarantee that the information it contains is accurate and up to date; nor is it meant to be understood as a comprehensive form of study or a source of legal advice.

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