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Find out what patent information is and how to use it.

Patent Knowledge News

Fortnightly articles featuring the latest on EPO data, products and services as well as exciting patent knowledge reports, interesting facts and quiz challenges.

Business and statistics

Learn how to analyse valuable technical and legal information on existing inventions, understand the competitive landscape by performing statistical analysis of patent data and support business decisions by identifying upcoming trends.

Asian patent information

Staffed by experts on the Japanese, Chinese and Korean patent systems, our Asian patent information services offer assistance in searching original-language patent databases and provide advice on the efficient use of free internet sources.

Patent information centres

If you lack the time, resources or experience to dedicate to patent searching or strategy, your local patent information centre can almost certainly help.

Unitary Patent in patent knowledge

Find out all about Unitary Patent-related information in the EPO’s patent information data, tools and services.

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