Federated Register

The Federated Register offers free access to basic post-grant legal status information on EP patents via a single point of access which will take you directly to the online national patent registers of the EPO member states.

Federated Register statuses

The status of a patent in the various member states can be found on the Federated register tab, in the column headed Status. The information shown in this column is based on information provided by the national patent offices concerned.

This list shows the various statuses that national patent offices (NPOs) may provide for EP patents via the Federated Register, together with a detailed description of their meaning.

Please note that the Federated Register displays the status of European patents in the post-grant phase. It does not show the pre-grant status of EP applications. This status can be found on the About this file tab. Pre-grant statuses appear greyed out in this list.

Federated Register content

Information on the content provided by each national patent office currently integrated into the Federated Register is available via a link from the country codes below:

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