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Help on RSS feeds

The EPO website offers a number of RSS feeds for website updates and news, as well as for search profiles in Espacenet and the search engine for the decisions of the boards of appeal.

You can use RSS feeds to be informed about our announcements or new appeal decisions without going to the EPO website. You can subscribe to as many feeds as you want.

RSS feeds are marked with this icon: Rss icon (PNG)

How to view the RSS feeds you subscribe to

There are many options to view RSS feeds of your choice.

  • There may be an RSS reader built into your e-mail client.
  • Some Internet browsers allow you to save an RSS feed link as a "Favourite" or "Bookmark". This is a good option if you only use one computer. However, the feeds would not be available on any other computer.
  • If you have an account with Google, Yahoo or other provider, you can read your RSS feeds on the "my" pages (accessible from any computer after logging in).
  • If none of the above options are available to you, you can create a collection of RSS feeds on a specialised website such as Netvibes.

Note: Internet Explorer does not correctly display RSS feeds for search results from the board of appeal decisions database. This can be worked around by using a different browser or a dedicated RSS reader to display the feed.

How to save feeds in your RSS reader

Choose one or more RSS feeds on the EPO website. Click the link marked with the RSS icon. Copy the URL of that RSS feed from the address bar of your browser.

Then paste the URL into your RSS reader, either in your e-mail client or browser, or on a third-party website.

Example for EPO website updates

Here is an example of a subscription to "website updates" in the "Online services" category on Netvibes:

netvibes screenshot (JPG)

Example for Espacenet search results

In order to subscribe to a search profile in Espacenet, run your search, then click on the RSS icon next to the page title "Result list". Copy the URL of that RSS feed from the address bar of your browser.

Then paste the URL into your RSS reader.

Here is an example using the keyword "concrete" in Espacenet in Google Reader:

espacenet screenshot (JPG)


Example for board of appeal database search results

To subscribe to a search profile for the decisions of the boards of appeal, go to our basic or advanced search interface for the decisions.

Run the search of your choice, then click on "Use this link to subscribe to an RSS feed for these search criteria", which will appear below the search form after you have run a search.

Copy the URL of that RSS feed from the address bar of your browser. Then paste the URL into your RSS reader.

Here is an example for all T decisions in the last 7 days in the Lotus Notes e-mail client:  

Lotus notes screenshot (JPG)

Currently available RSS feeds on the EPO website

Feed Language URL

English http://www.epo.org/rss/news.xml

German http://www.epo.org/rss/news_de.xml

French http://www.epo.org/rss/news_de.xml
Press releases    

English http://www.epo.org/rss/press-releases.xml

German http://www.epo.org/rss/press-releases_de.xml

French http://www.epo.org/rss/press-releases_fr.xml
Updates (all)    

English http://www.epo.org/rss/updates.xml
European Patent Organisation updates    

English http://www.epo.org/rss/updates-eporg.xml
Updates on searching for patents    

English http://www.epo.org/rss/patent-information.xml

German http://www.epo.org/rss/patent-information_de.xml

French http://www.epo.org/rss/patent-information_fr.xml
Updates on raw data    

English http://www.epo.org/rss/updates-raw-data.xml
Updates on Open Patent Services    

English http://www.epo.org/rss/updates-ops.xml
Updates on Asian patent information    

English http://www.epo.org/rss/updates-asia.xml
Updates on applying for a patent    

English http://www.epo.org/rss/updates-grant.xml

German http://www.epo.org/rss/updates-grant_de.xml

French http://www.epo.org/rss/updates-grant_fr.xml
Updates on online services    



Updates on law    

English http://www.epo.org/rss/updates-law.xml

German http://www.epo.org/rss/updates-law_de.xml

French http://www.epo.org/rss/updates-law_fr.xml
Official Journal
Updates on appeals    

English http://www.epo.org/rss/updates-appeals.xml
Updates on fees    

English http://www.epo.org/rss/updates-fees.xml
Updates on product ordering    

English http://www.epo.org/rss/ updates-product-ordering.xml

German http://www.epo.org/rss/ updates-product-ordering_de.xml

French http://www.epo.org/rss/ updates-product-ordering_fr.xml
Espacenet search results    

English Run a search at: http://worldwide.espacenet.com/
Espacenet scheduled maintenances    

English http://worldwide.espacenet.com/ websyndication/news/Maintenance?locale=en_EP
Espacenet newsflashes    

English http://worldwide.espacenet.com/ websyndication/news/FlashNews?locale=en_EP
Last Updates to Espacenet database    

English http://worldwide.espacenet.com/ websyndication/news/LatestUpdates
Boards of appeal search results    

English Run a search at: http://www.epo.org/law-practice/ case-law-appeals/advanced-search.html

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