Munich, 20 February 2020

EPO and Administrative Council sign MoU

Administrative Council Chairman Josef Kratochvíl and EPO President António Campinos

Enhanced support for Administrative Council

The EPO's President and the Chairman of the Administrative Council have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on enhancing support for the Council.

The MoU reflects the growing diversity and complexity of the tasks performed by the Council in recent years. It will help us to achieve even higher governance standards in line with Goal 5 Key Initiative 1 of SP2023 and follows the Council's positive opinion expressed in December 2019 (CA/106/19).

The Council Secretariat features prominently in the MoU. It will benefit from greater access to Office services, and especially to DG5's legal expertise. In sensitive cases, the MoU underlines that the Council can request specialised external legal support too. Its Chairman will also be directly involved in Secretariat staff matters in the future.

The MoU reaffirms that the Office will bear the costs of the Council's various activities, as set out in Article 32 EPC.

Commenting on the MoU, President Campinos said: "This agreement marks another milestone on the road to even higher governance standards. It gives the Council all the resources it needs to exercise its functions effectively. We will nevertheless continue to seek new opportunities to further improve governance and efficiency as part of SP2023."

Council Chairman Kratochvíl also welcomed the agreement: "This MoU was prepared in close co-operation with the President of the Office and the President of the Boards of Appeal and was supported by the Council. For me, it strikes the right balance and provides the Council with the additional support that delegates expected. I look forward to its implementation."

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