European Patent Academy


The European Patent Academy is the external education and training arm of the European Patent Office. Its mandate reflects the need to improve intellectual property training and education structures in Europe.

Set up in 2004, the Academy operates in partnership with a broad range of national and international institutions, including the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Areas and audiences

The Academy's activities are divided into four programme areas covering the following target audiences.

Institutional strengthening

This unit focuses on the training needs of national patent office staff from current and potential member states, along with staff of government institutions and other public-sector employees. Trainees from non-member states are also welcome.

Patent attorneys

This unit co-ordinates and supports training for professional representatives, not only as they start out on their chosen career, but also in their continuing development.

Judicial training

This unit supports and develops training initiatives for judges and other legal professionals, with a view to harmonising patent enforcement and litigation practice in Europe.

Academia and Business

The work of this unit focuses on raising awareness of intellectual property in further and higher education and informing industry and policy-makers about making the most of the intellectual property system and developing effective patent strategies. Training is aimed mainly at university lecturers, technology transfer office staff, and business advisors.

Online training

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Upcoming EPO training events

1.6.2023 | Seminar, online
Software and patents in medtech: boosting your growth as an SME
1.6.2023 | TBD, TBD
Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Ambassadors - training
6.6.2023 | Seminar, online
PATSTAT introduction seminar
12.6.2023 | Seminar, online
From Lab to Market: Boosting the Immune Response to Fight Cancer
13.6.2023 | Seminar, online
Patent protection for EU funding beneficiaries
14.6.2023 | Seminar, online
UP/UPC Update

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