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Electronic tender procedures

03.06.2020European Patent Office: Building and glass cleaning services for EPO Berlin building (EPO-2020-0012)Goods and Services, Open tender
19.05.2020Wellness and Fitness Offerings (EPO-2020-0018)Goods and Services, Competitive procedure with negotiation
15.05.2020Translation of Titles and Written Opinions (EPO-2020-0010)Goods and Services, Open tender
06.05.2020Tender 3091 European Publication Server (EPS) Services (EPO-2019-0067)Goods and Services, Open tender
20.04.2020Removal and associated services at the premises of the EPO in Rijswijk (EPO-2020-0014)Goods and Services, Open tender
03.01.2020Trial tender for supplier familiarization with eTendering (EPO-2020-0001)Goods and Services, Open tender

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