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Category Description Planned publication date (1),
contract duration (2)
and estimated value (3)
Repairs and maintenance Cooling machines replacement PH1-6 (MUN) (1): Q4/2022
(2): 6 months
(3): < €1M
Catering Services Canteen Services for EPO site The Hague (TH) (1): Q4/2022
(2): 4 years
(3): €1M - €5M
Training EQE courses (All) (1): Q4/2022
(2): 3 years
(3): €1M - €5M
HR services Talent & Patent Academy training services (All) (1): Q4/2022
(2): 3 years
(3): > €10M
Financial Services SSP Services (All) (1): Q4/2022
(2): 3 years
(3): > €10M
Construction services Fitness BA8 HKLS Works (MUN) (1): Q4/2022
(2): 1 year
(3): < €1M
Technical engineering & consultancy Technical experts PH fire protection (MUN) (1): Q4/2022
(2): 2 years
(3): < €1M
Construction services Landschafts- und kleine Baumassnahmenplanungen München (MUN) (1): Q4/2022
(2): 3 years
(3): €1M - €5M
Repairs and maintenance Framework Agreement Electrical Installations Munich (MUN) (1): Q1/2023
(2): 3 years
(3): €1M - €5M
IT Services - Security High privileged account management system (TH) (1): Q1/2023
(2): 2 years
(3): €5M - €10M
Construction services PH fire protection works (MUN) (1): Q1/2023
(2): 3 years
(3): €1M - €5M
Repairs and maintenance Water treatment replacement Isar (MUN) (1): Q2/2023
(2): 1,5 years
(3): < €1M
Cleaning and waste disposal Innenraumbegrünung der Münchner Dienstgebäude (MUN) (1): Q2/2023
(2): 5 years
(3): < €1M
Furniture & equipment Provision and maintanance of gardening work for all Munich buildings (2024-2028) (MUN) (1): Q3/2023
(2): 2 years
(3): €1M - €5M
Repairs and maintenance Removal, supply and fitting of floor covering in Rijswijk (TH) (1): Q3/2023
(2): 5 years
(3): €1M - €5M

Forecasted dates and quantities are for planning purposes only and are non-binding.

Last updated: 17 November 2022


Planned date

The quarter in which the notice is forecasted be published on EPO's web page and Ted (Tenders Electronic Daily)

Contract duration

The maximum duration of the intended contract

Estimated value

The estimated value range for the maximum duration of the contract

Value ranges

< €1M: Below €1M

€1M - €5M: Between €1M and €5M

€5M - €10M: Between €5M and €10M

> €10M: Above €10M

Location information

(Services and/or goods for EPO sites in...)

MUN: Munich
TH: The Hague
BER: Berlin
VIE: Vienna
All: All EPO sites

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