Languages for European patent applications 
The official languages of the EPO are English, French and German. 
If you file your European patent application in any other language, you need to file a translation into one of the official languages of the EPO within two months of filing the application. If the translation is not filed in time, you will be invited to file it within two months of the notification of the invitation. If the translation is not filed within the time limit set in the invitation, the application is deemed to be withdrawn. 
The language in which you file the European application (or its translation, if not filed in English, French or German) is used as the language of the proceedings, and any amendments made to the application or the European patent must be drawn up in that language. Otherwise, in written proceedings, any party may use any of the EPO's official languages. 
At any time during the proceedings before the EPO, the translation may be brought into conformity with the text of the application as filed. 
With regard to divisional applications see point 5.8.004.

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