PCT training and events

Want to learn more about the PCT procedure at the EPO?

PCT seminars in Europe:

2 July
PCT seminar France (with WIPO and CNCPI)
12 July
PCT seminar Romania
6 September
PCT seminar Sweden
23 October
PCT seminar Spain (with OEPM)
8 November Munich PCT seminar Germany

PCT seminars outside Europe:

23-29 August




 PCT roving seminars Chile (with WIPO and INAPI)
29 October
Palo Alto
EPO seminar for US patent professionals
31 October
EPO seminar for US patent professionals
2 November
EPO seminar for US patent professionals

Events with PCT experts from the EPO on stands and as speakers:

Dates Location Event Presentation
23-25 September Chicago
IPO Annual Meeting

European Committee 

23 September 

25-27 October Washington AIPLA Annual Meeting

PCT Issues Committee

25 October 

Highlights in 2018

The EPO as a PCT authority

A high-quality search report from the EPO, the world's most popular searching authority, is available through the PCT procedure to applicants from Europe, Japan, the US and many other countries. This key step in early identification of relevant prior art enables you to predict outcomes in a highly cost-effective way.

Recent developments to further improve our services to applicants include:

  • enhanced search tools for EPO examiners, incorporating Asian and standards-related prior art to ensure top-quality search reports
  • strengthened PCT preliminary examination procedure, with more interaction with the examiner and a top-up search to increase your chances of prompt grant in the national phase
  • strong focus on timely provision of PCT search and examination results, backed up by the EPO's new PCT Direct service new information on the examiner's search strategy and, in cases of non-unity, the provisional opinion on the first invention
  • cost-efficient approach: as of  1 April 2018, PCT search and examination fees each reduced by EUR 100 (-5%), plus 75% reduction on examination fee in cases of PCT examination by the EPO; supplementary European search fee dispensed with
  • new rules for the non-unity procedure, an easier way to select early entry and as of 1 April 2018, option of paying the third renewal fee earlier to facilitate the processing of PCT applications entering the European phase
  • easier access to the EPO, through ePCT online filing (also for submitting subsequently filed documents and demands for preliminary examination) and a more flexible approach to addresses for correspondence
  • simpler ways to pay at the EPO, with both credit card payments and automatic debiting available for PCT fees, including those for entry into the European phase.
  • launch on 1 July 2018 of the CS&E pilot project, which is open to interested applicants.

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