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CNIPA-EPO Pilot on ISA files

As of 1 December 2020, nationals or residents of P.R. China will be able to select the EPO as their International Searching Authority (ISA) and as their International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA).


PCT training and events

Want to learn more about the PCT procedure at the EPO?

PCT online seminars offered by the EPO

 Dates  Location  Event
28 January
online seminar

PCT services for Chinese applicants
29 April
online seminar

PCT for US paralegals and agents
5 July

online seminar

PCT seminar (with CNCPI)

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15 September
online seminar
Managing your patent under the PCT (with European Commission’s IPR Helpdesk) 

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Benefits for users

The EPO as a PCT authority

Did you know that applicants from all over the world can use the PCT procedure to get a high-quality search report from the EPO, the world's most popular searching authority? This early identification of relevant prior art enables you to predict outcomes in a highly cost-effective way.

Recent improvements to our services to applicants include:

  • Easier access to the EPO via ePCT online filing (can also be used to submit subsequently filed documents and demands for PCT Chapter II) and EPO participation in WIPO-DAS (since 1 November 2018).
  • Improved fee refund procedures (since 1 April 2019): users can now indicate in Form PCT/RO/101 a deposit account to which they want refunds to be made (where no deposit account is available, the EPO will invite the user to claim via our website).
  • New credit card and automatic debiting fee payment options.
  • Enhancement of search tools for EPO examiners, incorporating Asian and standards-related prior art to ensure top-quality search reports.
  • Timely provision of PCT search and examination results, backed up by the EPO's PCT Direct service information on the examiner's search strategy and, in cases of non-unity, a provisional opinion on the first invention.
  • EUR 100 (5%) reduction in international search and examination fees (since 1 April 2018). No supplementary European search fee payable if the international search was established by the EPO. 75% reduction in European examination fee if the EPO conducted the examination under PCT Chapter II.
  • Continuation of the CS&E pilot project for a second year.
  • Start of PCT Chapter II upon receipt of the demand (unless otherwise requested by the applicant) (starting 1 July 2019).
  • Greater interaction with the examiner during PCT Chapter II and a top-up search to increase your chances of prompt grant in the national phase.

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