PCT training and events

Want to learn more about the PCT procedure at the EPO?

PCT online seminars offered by the EPO:

22 June

online seminar (in French)  recording 

PCT seminar France (with WIPO and CNCPI)

PCT online seminars outside Europe with participation of PCT experts from the EPO as speaker:

06 August
online seminar (in Spanish) PCT seminar Peru (with WIPO and INDECOPI) 

Benefits for users

The EPO as a PCT authority

Did you know that applicants from all over the world can use the PCT procedure to get a high-quality search report from the EPO, the world's most popular searching authority? This early identification of relevant prior art enables you to predict outcomes in a highly cost-effective way.

Recent improvements to our services to applicants include:

  • Easier access to the EPO via ePCT online filing (can also be used to submit subsequently filed documents and demands for PCT Chapter II) and EPO participation in WIPO-DAS (since 1 November 2018).
  • Improved fee refund procedures (since 1 April 2019): users can now indicate in Form PCT/RO/101 a deposit account to which they want refunds to be made (where no deposit account is available, the EPO will invite the user to claim via our website).
  • New credit card and automatic debiting fee payment options.
  • Enhancement of search tools for EPO examiners, incorporating Asian and standards-related prior art to ensure top-quality search reports.
  • Timely provision of PCT search and examination results, backed up by the EPO's PCT Direct service information on the examiner's search strategy and, in cases of non-unity, a provisional opinion on the first invention.
  • EUR 100 (5%) reduction in international search and examination fees (since 1 April 2018). No supplementary European search fee payable if the international search was established by the EPO. 75% reduction in European examination fee if the EPO conducted the examination under PCT Chapter II.
  • Continuation of the CS&E pilot project for a second year.
  • Start of PCT Chapter II upon receipt of the demand (unless otherwise requested by the applicant) (starting 1 July 2019).
  • Greater interaction with the examiner during PCT Chapter II and a top-up search to increase your chances of prompt grant in the national phase.

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