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Mailbox - network of emails

This Mailbox tool will be decommissioned in June 2024

The new and improved access to your EPO Mailbox is already fully operational in MyEPO Portfolio. Start using MyEPO Portfolio today!

The Mailbox service allows professional representatives,  legal practitioners (Art.134(8) EPC, or applicants who have their residence or place of business in an EPC Contracting state to receive communications from the EPO online.

The EPO is committed to making it possible to send all EPO communications electronically, in all proceedings and to all addressees.

Accessing Mailbox for the first time

Access Mailbox with a secure smart card connection. Enter your smart card and press the login button.

Getting started

Features and benefits

  • EPO electronic communications received in a secure environment
  • full audit trail of all users dealing with an incoming communication
  • clear display of date of transmission and receipt and type of document
  • integrated, configurable folder system
  • fast – immediate access to communications
  • fully documented - complete history of who did what and when
  • clear - essential information at a glance
  • user-friendly - special folders with search and sort functions

Once your company mailbox has been activated, you can benefit from immediate and direct access to a whole range of communications (XLSX)

My.epoline products have been tested for use with all commonly used browsers.


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