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New customers are kindly requested to order the full Online Filing client software package, consisting of a smart card, smart card reader, the cryptovision software and the online filing software, by using our enrolment form. Please note that all of the components listed are required to perform online filing successfully.

Once you have received the full Online Filing client software (including the smart card reader software) you will be able to process a number of patches and maintenance updates via the Live Update mechanism built into your client. Alternatively, you can download them from this page (this does not apply to the cryptovision software). The Live Update function only works for national plug-ins if the countries for which you want to download an update have first been selected. Completely new Online Filing versions will not be available via the Live Update functionality and will have to be downloaded from this page, which also contains a complete collection of the latest software updates.

Special note for users who wish to perform filing via the PMS gateway integrated in version 5 of the Online Filing software: Please make sure that the files generated by your PMS can be read and processed by the EPO before you perform filing in production mode. Contact the EPO for further details before you perform filing in production mode. More information on the PMS interface.

Software More info Date and size Download
To install the latest version of the Online Filing software (version 5) in full, please download the following full package of installation and install the above subsequent updates in the order shown (oldest first):

PCT (PCT/RO/101 update October 2020) update 11 January 2021 available for (OLF) V5.12 (build or lower)

More information 12.1.2021
101.88 MB
EP (minor technical corrections) update 19 November 2020 available for (OLF) V5.12 (build 5.12.176 or lower) More information 19.11.2020
18.4 MB
OLF Client V5.12 PCT July 2020 correction patch AT, SE   25.9.2020
2.58 MB
PCT (PCT/RO/101 update July 2020) update 25 August 2020 available for (OLF) V5.12 (build More information 25.8.2020
181 MB

5.12 Full package for installation of Online Filing (OLF) V5.12 (build ) (stand-alone and/or server and thin client) (incorporates updates up to 20 April 2020)

Electronic filings using versions earlier than version 5.12 (build will not be accepted by the EPO's receiving server from 1 December 2020 onwards (EPO OJ 2020/09, A105).
This update must be applied to all installations, including thin client.

More information 8.7.2020
337 MB

More software

Software More info Date and size Download
Development kit
Online Filing V5 PMS development kit (for applicants and PMS providers)  
40 MB
Other installations
MSI and EXE file for alternative installation of Online Filing version 5 (thin client only)  
27 MB

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