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This calendar provides details of public oral proceedings in opposition or appeal before the European Patent Office.

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You can search for oral proceedings by patent application number, date or location. The extended search enables you to combine fields such the name of the applicant(s) or proprietor(s) and opponent(s) or representative(s).

The initial view shows the date of the proceedings, the location and the room number. Click on the application number for further information, such as the language of the proceedings and information about simultaneous interpretation.

The Public in Oral Proceedings

No advance registration is necessary when attending public oral proceedings at the European Patent Office (Article 116(4) EPC.) There may however, be space limitations in certain cases. In such cases members of the public will be admitted on a "first come, first served" basis.

Members of the public attending oral proceedings before the EPO must on entering the premises present an official identity document such as an ID card or passport. Professional representatives may obtain an EPO pass (cf. OJ EPO 2006, 545).

Further information about oral proceedings is available in the "Guidelines for Examination in the EPO", Part E, chapter III.


The EPO would like to point out that the content of this database is intended for information purposes only and that no guarantee is taken for its completeness. It should be noted that oral proceedings may be cancelled at short notice. Interested parties are therefore advised to contact us to check that the oral proceedings are actually taking place.

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