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Patent information centres (PATLIB)

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If you lack the time, resources or experience to dedicate to patent searching or strategy, your local patent information centre can almost certainly help.

They are often referred to as "PATLIB centres", standing for PATent LIBrary. However, not all PATLIB centres are actually libraries.

Where are they located?

There are over 300 patent information centres spread regionally across the EPO's member states.

PATLIB centres provide local access to patent information and related issues. They are familiar with the local industrial, economic and business landscape, and provide valuable services to entrepreneurs, SMEs, private inventors and students.

What services do they provide?

Many PATLIB centre employees are experienced patent search experts. They may also offer other patent information services. These can include:

  • technology and competitor watches
  • patent statistics
  • patent valuation/audits
  • advice on patent strategy
  • guidance on commercialisation/technology transfer.

PATLIB centres can also provide practical assistance on other intellectual property rights.

Using the link below, you can find out which services each centre offers.

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