Angela Bulloch

Night Sky Prints E.T. From Mercury.12, 2007 
Pigment print, cotton paper 
12 prints, each 61 x 61  cm

Angela Bulloch (*1966 Rainy River, CA) shows a view into space, not from the earth, the moon or a space station, but from the planet Mercury. Bulloch employs Celestia, a free astronomy software program, to simulate journeys through space and different viewpoints in the universe. The artist has spent a number of years studying how human perceptions of space change as new scientific insights emerge. The visualisation of a fictional viewpoint in space is more symbolic of the impossibility of observing the universe from a single, centred point. In this work, Bulloch creates a single image but splits it into twelve individual panels that are combined in a set sequence to provide an overall impression. The earth can be found in print 7. This is the only view that Bulloch did not rework: the blue planet can be recognised in detail while all other celestial bodies have lost their original appearance through digital modification. This accentuation of the earth, which is only recognisable on close inspection, also touches on the poetic dimension of the uniqueness that distinguishes us and our planet from the darkness of the ineffable.

© Angela Bulloch