Francisco Da Mata

E.F. 21, 2006
Perspex, mirrored Perspex,4 parts, each 40 x 40 x 200 cm

Francisco Da Mata (* 1968 Vendas Novas, PT) works in a very wide variety of media: he paints, creates collages and designs installations in which he engages with the influences and attitudes of his generation, as well as with music, models, media and the effects of visual art. These influences are not explicitly evoked in his work; rather they form the implicit undertone of his art. E.F. 21 is a wall installation that radiates its effect perceptibly throughout the surrounding space. Identical in form, the reflective, monochrome elements are mounted horizontally on the wall, one above the other, to create an alternating pattern. When viewed from the side, the elements reveal the shape of a five-pointed star. This installation has the appearance of an elegant design object: cool, stark and sleek. The clarity of Da Mata's work is reflected in a whole range of other works in the EPO collection, most notably those of Olivier Mosset or Phillippe Decrauzat. 


© Francisco Da Mata; Courtesy Galerie Kenworthy-Ball Lange + Pult, Zürich; Sully Balmassiere