John M Armleder

Untitled, 2007
Acrylic, emulsion
590 x 550 cm

The mural by John M Armleder (* 1948 Geneva, CH) is a site-specific installation which, at first sight, looks like a kind of decorative wallpaper covering the rear wall of the Grasserstraße cafeteria. The decorative pattern is made up of a repeated six-cornered honeycomb-like shape that evokes the aesthetics of technical drawings. And indeed it is a type of construction drawing - only it depicts the bodies of minute life forms. The work is inspired by a microscopic image of plankton from the book Art Forms in Nature (Ernst Haeckel, 1899-1904), devoted to the detailed representation of the diverse forms of mainly very tiny organisms. Haeckel's publication had a great influence on a wide range of art movements such as art nouveau. Armleder, also, addresses a fundamental topos, namely the connection between art and science, in this ornamental work and illustrates that this connection is also defined through the concept of beauty.  

Artwork mural
Untitled, 2007
Acrylic, emulsion
590 x 550 cm, detail



Spirale Blanche, 2013   Lithography   Dimensions variable          © John M Armleder

Spiral blanche, 2013
Variable dimensions


© John M Armleder