Markus Amm

Untitled, 2007
Luminogram, fibre board
two parts, 168 x 123 cm and 148 x 110 cm

Markus Amm (* 1969 Stuttgart, DE) belongs to a young generation of artists who engage with questions concerning the legacy of modernism. They examine the role in the present, and the evolution, of the artistic avant-garde and trends from the twentieth century, as well as the extent to which formalism and content can be mutually dependent. Amm works in a variety of media including watercolours, oils, photography and photograms. The work on display here reflects these means of artistic expression: using the photograph as a canvas, he creates an oil painting which evokes the style of the twentieth century's early avant-garde, where basic geometric forms overlay each other to create structures and new shapes. Amms then photographed one of his oil paintings which had already been mounted on the wooden substrate that is now visible as the support for his large-scale photographs. What Amms is presenting us with is an image and media reflection that questions the possibilities of artistic utopias in the post-modern era. 


© Markus Amm