Want to share information about Online Filing software virtualisation?


Virtualisation technology lets one computer do the job of multiple computers by means of sharing the resources - including the CPU, memory, disk and network - of a single computer. 

Virtual machines, a common solution for desktop virtualisation, are containers running a guest operating system, independent of the host operating system.

The EPO uses a virtual machine for Online Filing software development and testing, but it does not officially support the use of the Online Filing software in virtual environments. The Online Filing software has not been validated or released for virtual environments.

However, many users are successfully running the Online Filing software using a variety of virtualisation technologies and deployments. The EPO has therefore set up a knowledge base to facilitate the sharing of information and experiences within the Online Filing user community.

You can add your tips, tricks and questions to the "Virtualisation" section of the online services forum. All contributions are welcome.

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