Solemn declaration of new legally qualified members of the Boards of Appeal

Haar, 26 June 2023

In its March 2023 session the Administrative Council appointed Monika Millet (AT), Birgit Burm-Herregodts (BE) and Stefanie Ruhwinkel (DE) as legally qualified members of the Boards of Appeal.

When taking up their duties, members of the Boards give a solemn undertaking to perform their duties in accordance with the European Patent Convention and the principles of procedural law generally recognised in the Contracting States, to act, in taking decisions, without respect of persons, solely in the interests of truth and justice, and to maintain strict secrecy concerning the Boards’ deliberations. The solemn undertaking is given orally before the Enlarged Board of Appeal.

The public session of the Enlarged Board of Appeal at which the new members will give their solemn undertaking will take place on Wednesday, 5 July 2023 at 08:30 hrs CEST. Members of the public may follow the solemn declaration ceremony via livestream.

The link to the livestream of the solemn declaration will be published here as of 26 June 2023.