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A musician by training, Joachim Fiedler was inspired to make an easy-to-open fastener to unclip his cello bow with one hand. His magnetic-mechanical fasteners are now found in dozens of everyday products, from bike helmets to car seats.

Finalist for the European Inventor Award 2022

At just 16 years old, Joachim Fiedler developed his first invention: a strap system to carry his cello on his back, enabling him to ride his bicycle to music lessons. The cello "backpack" was the first of many ideas that would see him eventually leave his career as a full-time musician to focus on entrepreneurial activities. His first fastener, a magnetic bow clamp, overcame the impractical design of the bow holder in his cello case, which required two hands to open and close. Fiedler and his team are now developing a range of fun, easy-to-use fasteners that combine magnets with a mechanical locking mechanism.

Although other magnetic fasteners exist, Fiedler's unique mechanical locking mechanisms set his apart. Each type of fastener is opened by a specific motion such as rotating, sliding or twisting the attached parts. They have been implemented in consumer products such as bags, helmets, footwear and in secondary chest safety buckles for strollers and car seats. They are particularly popular in the bicycle industry, where they have been used to create less fiddly helmet buckles and attachments for securing water bottles and phones to bikes. As the fasteners only require one hand, they are also well-suited for people living with disabilities, and the company has a dedicated designer focusing on these products.

Picking up the tempo

FIDLOCK was founded in 2007 and did not take long to begin commercialising its products. Within four years, they had sold over one million magnetic fasteners and buckles. Today, the company employs 90 people and has 60 distribution partners in 40 countries worldwide.


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