1 April changes: users of version 5.14 of the legacy Online Filing software are encouraged to migrate to OLF 2.0 now

In the January Official Journal, the EPO announced the fee update effective from 1 April 2024 along with the fee-related support measures for small entities, also effective from 1 April.

Please be reminded that both the fee update and the new fee reduction scheme especially designed for micro-entities will not be supported in version 5.14 of the legacy Online Filing (eOLF) software.

Hence, we strongly advise users of the legacy filing software to switch to the preferred tool for filing with the EPO, OLF 2.0 (or at least to legacy Online Filing version 5.15) before the 1 April deadline.

We also remind users that OLF2.0 and Online Filing version 5.15 also support using an EPO account with two-factor authentication, which is replacing physical smart cards that can no longer be used from 1 January 2025.

Please see the following links to get started:

Online Filing 2.0

Online Filing version 5.15

Phasing out smart cards in 2024