EPO closure period and financial year-end closing 2023

Please note that over the forthcoming holiday period, all EPO sites will be closed from 23 December 2023 to 1 January 2024 inclusive. This will affect fee processing as follows:

Replenishments will continue to be automatically credited to your deposit account, provided that the deposit account number is correctly quoted in the reference field of the bank transfer (e.g. "replenishment 28XXXXXX", "repl28XXXXXX" or "deposit 28XXXXXX"). If this important information is missing, you may receive an automatic notification of insufficient funds. In this case, the replenishment will be processed manually, with retroactive effect, on 2 January 2024 at the earliest.

Replenishments, booked transactions and pending orders will continue to be visible in Central Fee Payment and debit orders will be effectively booked during the EPO closure period, provided sufficient funds are available.

Pending refunds can still be claimed online. Refunds to EPO deposit accounts will be visible online the next day, whereas refunds to bank accounts will only be effectively executed with the next planned payment run after the closure period, i.e. as from 2 January 2024.

Year-end closing is expected to be completed by 9 January 2024. Once the financial year has been closed, a balance confirmation stating the year-end balance of the deposit account will be available to all deposit account holders in Central Fee Payment (on the Documents tab under Deposit account management).