Article 78

Requirements of the European patent application

Art. 79, 80, 83-85, 90, 91, 122
R. 6, 15, 25-28, 29-36, 85a, 88, 106

(1) A European patent application shall contain:

(a)48 a request for the grant of a European patent;

(b) a description of the invention;

(c) one or more claims;

(d) any drawings referred to in the description or the claims;

(e) an abstract.

(2)49 A European patent application shall be subject to the payment of the filing fee and the search fee within one month after the filing of the application.

(3) A European patent application must satisfy the conditions laid down in the Implementing Regulations.

48 See Legal advice No. 8/80 (Annex II).

49 See decision of the Enlarged Board of Appeal G 3/91 (Annex I).

Cross-reference list
Art. 78(2) R. 38

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