Rule 27a 40/41

Requirements of European patent applications relating to nucleotide and amino acid sequences

R. 27

(1) If nucleotide or amino acid sequences are disclosed in the European patent application the description shall contain a sequence listing conforming to the rules laid down by the President of the European Patent Office for the standardised representation of nucleotide and amino acid sequences.

(2) The President of the European Patent Office may require that, in addition to the written application documents, a sequence listing in accordance with paragraph 1 be submitted on a data carrier prescribed by him accompanied by a statement that the information recorded on the data carrier is identical to the written sequence listing.

(3) If a sequence listing is filed or corrected after the date of filing, the applicant shall submit a statement that the sequence listing so filed or corrected does not include matter which goes beyond the content of the application as filed.

(4) A sequence listing filed after the date of filing shall not form part of the description.

40 Inserted by decision of the Administrative Council of 05.06.1992 which entered into force on 01.01.1993 (OJ EPO 1992, 342 ff).

41 See decision of the President of the EPO dated 02.10.1998 concerning the representation of nucleotide and amino acid sequences in patent applications and the filing of sequence listings (Suppl. No. 2 to OJ EPO 11/1998).

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