Further course of proceedings 

If the examining division gives its consent under Rule 137(3) to these amendments and/or the correction and considers them allowable without issuing a further communication under Art. 94(3), it issues a second communication under Rule 71(3) based on the amended/corrected text (see C‑V, 4.6), after which it then proceeds to the grant of the patent pursuant to Art. 97(1).

As an option, the applicant may waive the right to receive a further Rule 71(3) communication when filing amendments or corrections to the text proposed by the examining division. If all formal conditions set out in C‑V, 4.11, are met and the examining division has no objections to the amendments or corrections requested, the examining division is deemed to have consented to the waiver. No further communication under Rule 71(3) will be sent to the applicant. Instead, the application will directly proceed to grant.

Where amendments or corrections are not admitted, or where they are admitted but not considered allowable, examination will be resumed (see C‑V, 4.7).

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