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Product Title Language File size Download Html version
EBD EBD specifications version 4.5.2
(in effect from March 2023)
EN 1.7 KB  download  
EBD specifications version 4.5.1
(in effect from March 2023)
EN 1.7 MB
EBD specifications version 3.27
(in effect from July 2021)
EN 1.9 MB  download  
EBD specifications version 3.25
EN 627 KB download
European Patent Register data Register documentation
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DOCDB User Documentation v. EN
6.6 MB
User Documentation Legstat_XML vs.1.7.7 + schema vs. 1.2.8 EN
3.1 MB download
INPADOC classification scheme v. 1.0  EN
212 KB
OPS Open Patent Services documentation EN     go to page
PATSTAT documentation
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Sequence listings   Product documentation  EN
108 KB

Content description of the manuals

EBD (European Bibliographic Data)
Complete specification of EPO Bibliographic Data (EBD). If downloading an EBD XML file you will need this document in order to be able to understand the content and how to process it.

European Patent Register data
Link to the technical documentation and to the description of Register data in ST.36-compatible XML structure.

The technical specifications (according to WIPO and ISO standards) of the XML exchange format in the (bibliographic) master database DOCDB as well as the technical description of DOCDB data. Also includes details on standardized data from the different countries and the descriptions of field names and field contents.

Description of the legal event data exchange format and layout of file records, data records, attribute lists, explanations of legal events tags and a sample file.

The documentation describes the web service, allowing non-developers to understand the functionality of the service as well as offering developers the necessary information needed in order to connect to and actively use the web service.

PATSTAT – EPO Worldwide Patent Statistical Database data catalog
Description of data model of PATSTAT bulk data and PATSTAT Online. The data catalog contains detailed descriptions of the tables and all the attributes (fields). Be aware that the data catalog is version dependent.

Sequence listings  

The product description contains information about the coverage and the format of the files.  

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