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7 June 2021

Patent Knowledge News

This is the EPO's new communication channel for anything and everything relating to patent data, patent information, and patent knowledge. 

If you are a patent searcher, data analyst, or user of EPO data, this is the place for you to get all kinds of information and useful tips on the EPO's patent knowledge activities. 

"Patent information" is a term that many readers will know; "patent knowledge" goes beyond that. It is practical, hands-on use of patent information for a specific purpose. It covers data, tools and services but also the understanding you can derive from using them for decision-making. The EPO wants to take patent information further, and support you more than ever before, starting with Patent Knowledge News. 

We'll be offering:

  • the latest news on the EPO's patent information tools and services
    • launch of new products
    • new features in existing products
    • new data and changes to data
  • news on events, training courses, online seminars, presentations
  • tips and tricks to help you get more out of your patent searching
  • reports on patent information developments around the world
  • updates on the latest developments in patent intelligence, analytics, and visualisation, and future and emerging technologies, for business use
  • guest articles from third parties
  • and much more

This page will be a kind of ticker, with every new article appearing at the top. And every new article will be mentioned in the regular EPO Newsletter.

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