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When is the next annual fee payment due for granted Japanese patent JP6534571B2?


Congratulations to all those who found the answer to our patent searcher quiz. Here's the solution.

You can find information about the Japanese patent system, including regulations for annual fee payments, in the FAQ - Japan section of our Asian patent information web pages.

According to Japanese patent law, the annual fees for the first three years have to be paid in a lump sum together with the registration fee. Subsequent annual fee payments are due yearly on the registration/grant day.

Search for document JP6534571B2 in Espacenet, e.g. by entering the number in the Smart search field.

Espacenet screenshot

Navigate to the Original document for this publication. Don't worry if you have trouble reading Japanese – the INID* codes will help you identify the most important bibliographic data.
(*Internationally agreed Numbers for the Identification of Data – codes used by patent offices worldwide to identify bibliographic data, and standardised in WIPO Standard ST.9).

We need to look for INID Code 24, which is the one used to label the "date from which industrial property rights may have effect". In this case, we can see that the application was granted on 7 June 2019.

Patenticular challenge

As the fees for the first three years have already been paid, the next annual fee payment is due on 7 June 2022. 

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