PK News wishes you a nice summer break!

Dear readers,

What time is it? Summertime! A perfect season to have a rest and enjoy some relaxing holidays! Patent Knowledge News will also take a break during the summer months and we will get back to you with fresh news from the patent knowledge world on 12 September.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who answered our Patent Knowledge News reader satisfaction survey. The survey is now closed and we received some very valuable feedback, including some useful proposals for further improvements, which we will try to implement in the future.

Before we send you on your well-deserved summer break, we would like to share some fun, inventive technologies with you, which will help keep you cool, hydrated and entertained during the holidays!

1.    Beerbrella

PK News keyvisual 1
Source 1: US2003075208A1

If you worry about your cold beverage going warm in the sizzling sun this summer, this invention is here to help. This detachable small umbrella can be clipped to beverage containers to keep them in the shade at all times. A stylish and practical solution, if you ask us!

2.    Rotational ice cream holder

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Source 2: US10278409B1

Tired of getting your hands messy while eating your ice cream cone? Then this invention is perfect for you. Not only does it have "a dish that catches dripping ice cream", but it also includes a handle for rotating the cone to get that perfect lick of ice cream. Simply genius!

3.    Spectacles for pets

PK News keyvisual 3
Source 3: JP2002156612A

How could we ever forget our beloved pets? This invention is specially for them and consists of a pair of sunglasses with a fastening system to prevent the spectacles from slipping upward or forward. Do our pets really need this? Probably not. Will they look fabulous wearing them? Absolutely!

4.    Cooling and summer-heat-relieving hat

PK News keyvisual 4
Source 4: CN212754453U

Keeps you hydrated? Check. Protects you from the sun? Double check. This multifunctional hat allows the wearer to drink water through a straw and protect themselves from the sun with a built-in visor - all at the same time. Perfect for active, sporty types who want to go hiking and also perfect for relaxed, easy-going types who would rather sunbathe by the pool!

5.    Sports and game product

PK News keyvisual 5
Source 5: EP2890465A2

To finish, we think this game would be perfect to play on the beach this summer. It involves a ring device that you throw and catch with a stick. A bit like frisbee with sticks, this innovative game is certain to make the other beach-goers jealous!

That's it for now. We hope you enjoyed reading about these "cool" inventions. Enjoy the holidays!

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