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Access and share data visuals in Espacenet

The latest update in Espacenet makes it easy to share statistics relating to a specific query as a chart or graph. Using the filter overview - which displays the most frequent countries, languages, dates, classification symbols, applicants, inventors, applicants’ countries and inventors’ countries in your search results - you can now send them to your colleagues, managers or customers.

For any search, all you need to do is open the filter area, select the chart/graph overview icon, copy the URL of the filter overview and share it, include it in your document or add it to your correspondence.

Overview in Espacenet image 1
Fig. 1: Accessing the chart/graph overview in the Espacenet filter module. (click on the image to enlarge)
Overview in Espacenet image 2
Fig. 2: Chart/graph overview in Espacenet filter module with URL to be shared. (click on the image to enlarge)

Keywords: Espacenet, filter module, chart/graph overview

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