Technical and Operational Support Committee

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The Technical and Operational Support Committee (TOSC) shall provide the Administrative Council with opinions on operational aspects of the following matters:

  1. Technical information and infrastructure, especially information dissemination

    • Proposals for guidelines on the production of and access to patent information data for use by Offices or the public

    • Proposals for and evaluation of infrastructure elements supporting the exchange and dissemination of technical information

  2. Trilateral technical co-operation between the EPO, the USPTO and the JPO, as well as other forms of technical co-operation in international fora

    • Monitoring and examining technical co-operation projects in the broader perspective of the European patent system and the preservation of its interests

    • Making suitable contributions to support the EPO in preparing the technical and operational aspects of the decisions to be taken by the Council

  3. Operational issues concerning quality, especially monitoring of the European Quality System as well as technical arrangements for reuse of available patent procedure results (e.g. searches, examination communications).

    In performing its duties as outlined above, the TOSC shall inform and support the Council on technical issues pertaining to the concept of the European Patent Network, within the policy framework defined by the Council.

    In addition, the TOSC shall provide the Council with advice where required on any further technical matters.


1. Representatives of the member states
2. President of the Office supported by EPO staff


1. States which have been invited to accede the EPC
2. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)
3. Montenegro (ME)
4. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
5. European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
6. Institute of Professional Representatives before the EPO (epi)
7. Board of Auditors
8. Staff Committee

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