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Office name: Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle

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  • INPI-Direct available Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 18.00 hrs
  • by phone Tel.: +33 (0) 820 213 213
  • Fax: +33 (0) 153 045 265
  • by e-mail
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Supported procedures: EP1001E2K, PCT/RO101, FR, FR SFD

Supported smart cards: Cert-Europe

Note(s): INPI-Direct is not dedicated to online filing. This is a call centre for all questions relating to procedures (trade marks, patents, utility models, etc.), INPI's business activities, online filing etc.

Online Filing downloads - software

Software Size Date Download
Correction patch for missing fee value for extension fee for French Polynesia  1.9 MB  28.10.2016
Updated certificates required for filings to INPI 1.9 MB 1.8.2016  Download
Update of charges for calling INPI Direct
1.9 MB
Update of fees for patent procedures before INPI as of 1 July 2015 - CORRECTIVE PATCH
1.9 MB

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