MyEPO Portfolio - pilot phase

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Welcome to the MyEPO Portfolio page for pilot participants.

This page is for companies that have volunteered to participate in a MyEPO Portfolio pilot phase. With your help and feedback, we will trial major new features before making them available to all users when they have been proven to work well with pilot participants. 

On this page you can see information about new features that are currently available for you to trial as a participating pilot company.

You can find the full list of features we are introducing this year in our roadmap document: MyEPO roadmap


Accessing MyEPO Portfolio

Please read our Get access page.

You can access MyEPO Portfolio using either two-factor authentication or an EPO smart card.

Open MyEPO Portfolio

Association management

Company administrators can add and delete members of an association (Rule 152(11) EPC).

Please see section 3 of the feature guide for more information:

MyEPO Portfolio feature guide 1.14 – managing representative profiles and associations

Further information

MyEPO Portfolio FAQ
Decision of the Vice-President Legal and International Affairs of the European Patent Office (Directorate-General 5) dated 10 October 2022 concerning the conditions for participating in phase 2 of the MyEPO Portfolio pilot project

Support and feedback

As a valued pilot participant, your feedback is essential for us to improve new MyEPO Portfolio features before we make them available to all our users. The sooner we have your feedback, the sooner we will be able to improve MyEPO Portfolio.

At any moment during the pilot phase, please email us your feedback to

If you run into problems and need support as a pilot participant, you can also use this email address to get in touch with us. You may also contact your EPO Key Account Manager if you have one