Corrections of errors in documents filed with the EPO 

Corrections under Rule 139 concern linguistic errors, errors of transcription and other mistakes in documents filed with the EPO, especially in application documents (see H‑VI, 2.2.1).

However, see also A‑VII, 7 for the correction of errors in a translation of a patent application, A‑III, 3.5 A‑III, 5.6 for the correction of the designation of inventor and A‑III, 6.5.2 for the correction/addition of a priority claim.

Requests for correction under Rule 139 are dealt with by the department responsible for the proceedings:

In examination and opposition proceedings, the correction of errors under Rule 139 is the responsibility of the formalities officer, with the exception of errors in the description, claims and drawings (see the Decision of the President of the EPO dated 12 December 2013, OJ EPO 2014, A6, Art. 1, point 22, and Art. 2, point 21).
Where the Receiving Section is responsible (Rule 10(1)), it decides on requests for correction unless the request requires technical examination. In the latter case, the examining division will decide on the request once it has assumed responsibility (see J 4/85).

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