Issue 12

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Decisions of the boards of appeal
Legal Board of Appeal

J 10/07 - 3.1.01 - Subsequent filing of drawings/AMAZONEN-WERKE
"Transitional provisions of the EPC 2000" - "Subsequent filing of drawings not contained in the original application; re-dating of the application (no)" - "Substantial procedural violation (yes)" - "Reimbursement of appeal fee (yes)" - "Protection of legitimate expectations" 

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Information from the EPO 
Renovation of the Isar building of the European Patent Office   view  46 KB
New edition of the EPO Guide for applicants (Part 2) - "Euro-PCT"   view  31 KB

European qualifying examination
Examination Board for the European qualifying examination
Appointment of members of the examination committees 

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List of professional representatives before the EPO   view  87 KB
From the contracting states

SI Slovenia
New telephone and fax numbers 

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International treaties 

Agreement between the EPO and WIPO under the PCT 

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Guidance for the payment of fees, expenses and prices   view  37 KB
Abolition of payment by cheque
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Calendar of events 
Calendar of events  view  66 KB
Regulation on the European qualifying examination for professional representatives   view  293 KB

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