Online Filing 2.0

Online Filing 2.0 is now available for filing:

  • Request for grant - EP1001 (including application documents as PDF, DOCX, sequence listings according to WIPO Standard ST.25 and other files in PDF)
  • Request for entry into the European phase - EP1200 with attachments (PDF)
  • PCT request - PCT/RO/101 with attachments (PDF, XML, including conversions from DOCX)
  • Subsequent documents under the EPC up to grant, including amendments, corrections and rectifications (attached to EP 1038)
  • Documents in opposition, limitation and revocation proceedings under the EPC (attached to EP 1038
  • Documents in appeal proceedings and in proceedings before the Enlarged Board of Appeal under the EPC (attached to EP 1038)
  • The demand for international preliminary examination in the international phase (PCT application)
  • The demand for preliminary examination in the international phase (PCT Demand), andsubsequently filed documents under the PCT, including amendments, corrections and rectifications of documents (PCT-SFD).

Accessible from most browsers, Online Filing 2.0 stores your data and documents on a secure network hosted by the EPO. 

Because the application is web-based, there is no software to install -- except for the smart card software that allows you to log on in a secure environment. Your smart card must first be activated. 

Direct access 

Smartcard access

If you are a registered CMS user, you have been given access to Online Filing 2.0 in demo mode. If you are an administrator in CMS you are automatically defined as an administrator in Online Filing 2.0 and you are able to access the demo and the production environment.

If you are not an administrator in CMS and you want to get access to the production environment of Online Filing 2.0, you need to contact the administrator of your organisation.

If you have never used CMS, then please proceed by completing the registration form for Online Filing 2.0 below.

Enter your activated smart card and press the button below to open Online Filing 2.0. 

Getting started with Online Filing 2.0

Browser and system settings

Online Filing 2.0 works in the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome, version 61.0 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox, version 56.0 or later
  • Edge, version 84 or later

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