A lecture on “The interface of technology and art: the EPO collection” by Kristine Schönert

ristine Schönert (Cultural affairs officer, EPO) speaks about the EPO art collection.

As part of the Study Visit to the EPO, Kristine Schönert (Cultural affairs officer, EPO) spoke about the EPO art collection as a cultural endeavour at the interface of art and science.

Nintey-four participants from all over the world attended the online lecture, which focused on the many affinities between artists and inventors be it plain old-fashioned curiosity, an insatiable appetite for research or irrepressible powers of imagination.

After all, while a patent protects a unique invention of the human mind, a work of art is the unique expression of a creative imagination. Further, contemporary art consistently provides a bridge between the worlds of artists and inventors.

As a highlight, the short version of the documentary film "Exploring art at the EPO" was shown, giving the participants interesting insights into the EPO's art collection. The event was attended by a highly diverse audience including people with backgrounds in fields such as physics, chemistry, law and economics, ranging from students and doctoral candidates to managers and patent attorneys.

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