New acquisitions in 2020

Impression of Munich's Long Night of Museums 2022
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© Wolfgang Stahl

In 2020, the European Patent Office acquired a number of impressive artworks by very different artists from all over Europe and the globe. They include works by Arjan Shehaj from Albania, Feng Chen from China, Tanja Deman from Croatia, Kristi Kongi from Estonia, Rozbeh Asmani from Iran, Philippe Pastor from Monaco, Gardar, Eide Einarsson from Norway and the Superflux studio from the United Kingdom.

The decision was taken to single out young, up-and-coming artists from European countries that are not yet represented, or are underrepresented, in the EPO collection, as well as artists whose works explore the nexus of art, science and technology. The works reflect the EPO's cultural roots and the diversity of our international organisation; indeed, art serves as a catalyst for innovation and creativity, but also as a driving force of contemplation and tolerance towards other points of view.