Works from the EPO art collection among 111 must-see Munich masterpieces

Many of the external artworks of the European Patent Office in Munich feature in a new guidebook.

No matter how familiar you are with Munich, you are bound to discover something new with 111 Münchner Meisterwerke, die man gesehen haben muss by Rüdiger Liedtke (2021).

Many pieces from the collection of the European Patent Office feature, including Hannsjörg Voth's cosmic Zwischen Sonnentor und Mondplatz (1992) in the Kurt-Härtel-Passage and Max Bill's monumental Rhythmus im Raum (1994) in one of the Pschorrhöfe.

On the east bank of the Isar River, Nicolas Schöffer's majestic Chronos 10 B, André Volten's elegant Sphere and Hemispheres and Phillip King's arresting Cross Bend are featured. Each of the three works were created for the Isar building's official opening just over 40 years ago.

They continue to shape the city's urban environment today, among the other 100+ masterpieces mentioned in Liedtke's guidebook.