​​MyEPO services to fully replace several tools, as of 1 July​

​​Since the launch of the first online filing tool in 2001, the European Patent Office (EPO) has been working towards a modern, fully digitalised patent granting process. New tools and features have been added, old ones replaced and functionalities redesigned to create a suite of services that support a simplified, easy-to-use and interactive process.  This process of continuous modernisation of our tools will continue under our Strategic Plan 2028. 

​In the framework of the continuous improvement of our services and as outlined in our strategic MyEPO Roadmap, on 1 July 2024 we will decommission a series of tools and services:  

  • ​MyEPO Portfolio Mailbox continues to be regularly enriched with more functionalities and now offers a multitude of features that are not available in the legacy Mailbox. The legacy Mailbox will therefore be taken out of service. If you are not yet using the MyEPO Portfolio Mailbox, make the switch and try it out now! To learn more, have a look at the recordings of our seminars available on our website. 
  • ​MyEPO Portfolio now makes consulting files and file administration services more easily accessible than ever before. Together with the legacy Mailbox, the MyFiles and Administration facilities services will therefore also be switched off.   
  • ​Web-based Online Filing 2.0 presents a modern and convenient way of filing applications and other documents. Further, in emergency cases, the Contingency Upload Service is available via our website. From July onwards, the EPO will no longer accept submissions by fax. Having stopped sending faxes in March 2023, all fax services relating to EP and PCT as well as Unitary Patent procedures will therefore cease completely as of July. 
  • ​Further information related to the decommissioning of the tools and services above will be published in the Official Journal in due course.  

​Please also remember the following: 

  • ​The use of smart cards for accessing our services is planned to cease as of 1 January 2025. Switch to two-factor authentication (2FA) now! Detailed information can be found on our website. 

​MyEPO services 

​In June 2022, the EPO introduced a new approach to online user services with the launch of MyEPO Portfolio, which seamlessly integrates the full suite of MyEPO services. MyEPO services now cover the entire patent granting process at the EPO and provide a world-class benchmark in digital patenting services.