​​MyEPO services – further improving users’ online experience with the EPO

​​The European Patent Office (EPO) is pleased to announce the release of new functionalities in MyEPO Portfolio that make the patent granting process (PGP) workflow even more user-friendly and efficient. 

​Furthermore, as part of the fee policy review adopted by the Administrative Council last December, from 1 April some requests will be free of charge if submitted via MyEPO Portfolio. 

​New functionalities in MyEPO Portfolio 

​The new functionalities extend the range of replies and requests that users can perform. Together with new administrative options, these bring us a step closer to a fully digital patent granting process. 

  • Reply to a communication under rules 161(1) and 162 EPC – Users can file amendments to international (PCT) applications upon valid entry into the European phase, where the EPO has drawn up an international or supplementary international search report, or an international preliminary examination report. 
  • Request certified copies – Users can request free-of-charge certified copies of documents related to an application or a granted patent, including a Unitary Patent. 
  • Transfer of rights – Users can request free-of-charge the registration of transfers of rights. 
  • Licence management – Users can request free-of-charge registration and cancellation of licences concerning the use of a patent.  
  • Import bulk requests – Users can upload a list of applications and submit a request (concerning licence management and transfers of rights) that applies to all applications listed.  
  • Open any application – Any user of MyEPO Portfolio can open any public European patent, Unitary Patent or Euro-PCT application. They can also submit requests concerning licence management, the transfer of rights or certified copies. 
  • Extension of features of the Representative Area: Representatives can now grant permissions for support staff to manage their personal entry information.  

​Elimination of fees for some requests from 1 April 

​Requests for certified copies, transfers of rights and the registration or cancellation of licences are free of charge as of 1 April if submitted via MyEPO Portfolio.  

​More about MyEPO services 

​User feedback received by the EPO firmly endorses MyEPO services, especially for its intuitive interface, simplified procedures and time-saving features. 

​A continually increasing number of representatives are using these services, be it for filing patent applications, managing fee payments or handling communications and requests. In the new “shared area”, users can interact online with examiners during a live consultation, and a dedicated “representative area” makes it easy for representatives to manage their professional information. 

​The new functionalities have been released following completion of pilot phase 4.  They have been developed and trialled in close collaboration with a group of around 135 companies from our user community. We would like to thank these users for their time, effort and input. 

​Looking ahead, please remember: 

  • ​the legacy Mailbox, MyFiles and Admin Facilities will be decommissioned on 1 July 2024. Switch to MyEPO Portfolio now, if you have not already done so!  
  • ​the EPO will discontinue the receipt of incoming faxes as of 1 July 2024.  
  • ​it will no longer be possible to use smart cards as of 1 January 2025. Switch to two factor authentication (2FA) now!