New CPC text categoriser is powered by AI


EPO’s AI-powered CPC text categoriser is released.

Today the European Patent Office has launched a new text categoriser powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to make it easier to find suitable terms in the extensive Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC). This online symbol predictor makes the CPC system more accessible: from text inputs in English, French or German, the tool returns suitable CPC symbols in a fraction of a second.

The CPC is a patent classification scheme developed jointly by the EPO and USPTO over a decade ago, and now is used for classification by thirty-eight national or regional patent offices. The majority of the patents published today are indexed onto this scheme, which has over 250 000 classifying symbols. Proper use of these symbols can greatly enhance the accuracy of patent searches.

The predicted CPC symbols are displayed with their respective parents in the CPC scheme. When clicking on the suggested symbols, users are brought to Espacenet where they can search for any documents classified accordingly. Furthermore, advanced settings enable users to adapt the requested confidence level and display the revision dates of the predicted symbols.

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