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The register contains the 

  • Coverage: European and Euro-PCT patents since 2002 (when Bulgaria acceded to the EPC) for which Bulgaria has been designated and for which the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO) has received a request for validation. No information is provided about patents for which no validation request has been filed with the BPO, even if Bulgaria has been designated, and the deep link will return a Not found result.
  • Updating frequency: Daily.
  • File inspection available: No
  • URL to national patent register:
  • Deep linking to national patent register from FRS: Yes

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  • Request for validation received: initial status assigned to a patent on receipt of a validation request.
  • Formalities in progress: indicates that validation proceedings are under way and/or formal requirements have still to be met.
  • Patent in force: the patent has been validated and continues to be valid in Bulgaria.
  • Patent not validated: the patent has never been validated in Bulgaria and so no specific invalidation date can be provided.
  • Patent expired: the patent has expired on reaching the end of the 20th year of its term and so protection has ceased.
  • Patent lapsed: the patent has lapsed because one or more conditions have not been met, e.g. annual renewal fees not paid. The date of lapse will be provided in these cases.
  • Patent revoked: the patent was validated but then revoked at a later stage. The date of revocation will be provided in these cases


Application No.


European application number, e.g. EP10152236 (without the ".X" at the end)



Publication No.


Granted EP patent number, e.g. EP2379653.




All proprietors at the time of the query are listed. Where a transfer of rights results in a change in proprietors, only the new ones are displayed.


Invalidation date


Provided for patents that were validated in Bulgaria but later ceased to be in force there, i.e. only for those with the following statuses:

Patent revoked: the date when the patent was revoked and ceased be in force in Bulgaria.


Patent expired: the date when the validity period of the patent expired.


Patent lapsed: the date when the patent lapsed due to non-payment of annual renewal fees on time.


Not in force since


Applies only for patents for which Invalidation date also applies and so identical to that date


Renewal fees last  paid


 Date of last fee payment


Register last updated


Date of last update of the specific record, an "update" meaning any kind of data modification in the BPO's back-office system.




SPC data is available and can be provided if and when it becomes a specific part of FRS, and the data format and rules are specified.


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