Online Filing software – Version 5.15 now available

The EPO is pleased to inform users of its Online Filing software that the Version 5.15 is now available (incorporates updates up to 1 November 2023).

This release includes a new version of the thin client, which must be updated.

EP, PCT and UP updates following this release will be available for V5.15 only, so customers are encouraged to update to avoid adverse procedural effects.

This package can be installed on top of the currently installed version (build or lower), to retain data.

Version 5.15 enables the use of the EPO account with two-factor authentication.

The EPO account for eOLF 5.15 works for EP and PCT submissions to the EPO as filing office, receiving office or in any other capacity.

If a National Office is chosen as filing office, receiving office, or in any other capacity, the EPO account with two-factor authentication will only work for those National Offices that have adapted their systems to support this option.

For more information about the phasing out the use of smart cards in 2024, see the dedicated FAQ.

Download the installation package.