Patent Knowledge Nuggets released

Need to search for a document by number, find granted patents or download a result list and an original document in Espacenet? Then you're in luck - the first three videos in our Patent Knowledge Nuggets series have now been released.

We've devised the Patent Knowledge Nuggets on the basis of the questions our users ask us most often regarding the EPO's patent information products and services.

Patent Knowledge Nuggets Keyvisual

The Patent Knowledge Nuggets condense down specific areas of patent knowledge into bite-sized chunks (hence the word nuggets). And the videos - which are no more than a few minutes long - are designed to clearly and concisely explain our products and services and help our users make efficient use of patent knowledge.

Keep your eyes peeled for announcements about more Patent Knowledge Nuggets. The new videos will be featured on the relevant product pages, or you can head to the dedicated playlist on the official EPO YouTube channel where all future releases will be listed.

Watch the videos:

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